Does heavy stress makes you hallucinate or psychotic?

When i was at my grandma’s funeral, there were many relatives that i was forced to talk and I really gate huge gatherings. Stress and anxiety is enormous. During the ceremony I was looking at a carpet and started to hallucinate, but that did not freak me out.

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Absolutely yes.
When you are stressed it may make your symptoms worse.

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Under heavy stress I can become psychotic.


Yes, for sure, stress triggers me.


At my Mothers funeral I zoned out and had a hard time communicating with others.
Heavy stress can make me cycle and psychotic.

Yes when I have a lot of work to do on the farm I start to hear voices. I can’t do anything about them. I haven’t hallucinated for any family bereavements because I haven’t had any (except my father in 2012, but I wasn’t sz back then)I gather I probably will.bad.

I don’t know what it is, but I will be doing something as simple as watching tv and I will get this overwhelming / devastated feeling and it won’t go away until I go to sleep. I get stressed out when I have literally done nothing stressful. It is like I get stressed out by thinking.


Same here, cant watch tv, our minds are playing tricks.

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Yup, stress triggers me.

Yes when I’m stressed I sometimes hear voices or get paranoid

Heavy stress can make me paranoid and hallucinating.

When I get stressed out at work, around a lot of people, and at home. I hallucinate. But I can still do the work and still get along with the day.