Part of psychosis or stress?

I have been having auditory hallucinations of my mom crying, heard mumbling, and heard a voice telling me my mom was going to die. I was wondering if this was psychosis or the stress of my mom being in hospice.

What Meds are you taking?

Invega shot, abilify, zoloft, and lamictal

Sorry to hear your mom is in hospice.
What your experiencing is pretty ‘normal’ for anyone going through this.

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That’s what I thought. Maybe it stress induced psychosis


I am pretty sure I get stress induced paranoia.

The more stressed I am the more things I hear. So I would not call it blatant psychosis just hallucinations. You can have auditory hallucinations without full blown psychosis. I can understand how having your mom in hospice would cause such symptoms. :hugs:

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