Does having obsessions mean mania?

On Abilify I was impulsive but at least I was trying and failing to maintain doing stuff but now on risperidone I don’t even try at all, like working, exercising at the gym or at home etc Honestly idk whats better, trying and failing or not trying at all?

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I will try to resist spending on this but I hope I don’t give in , in the end.


I don’t know if it is the Abilify or not , I need to contact the team it’s getting on my nerves at this point.


This is a good question - i need to find out as i have the option of trying and failing.

But i have been choosing not to try at all.

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I get increasingly obsessive during manic episodes and when I’m becoming psychotic.
Mood stabilizers can help ease down obsessive behaviors a bit.

I really think you ought to be on a mood stabilizer @ish

I highly doubt it’s the Abilify.

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It’s only one symptom … sorry I deleted the post I made. But can you only have one symptom of mood disorder if you’re on meds ?

I don’t understand, what do you mean?

Say with sz your on meds … But the only symptom you have on meds is voices.

With bipolar is it possible that taking the meds impulsivity is still my breakthrough symptom. ? I feel it’s the only symptom I have right now. Obsession.

Sorry I don’t know if it’s mania because it’s my only manic type symptom.

But I’ll ask for a moodstabaliser when I get back.

Yes its very possible with meds to only have one symptom

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