Does everyone know that depression is a big part of schizophrenia? Did you know It is a recognised thing?

Sorry to be so blunt but I think it is still a big unknown thing.

Almost all doctors recognise this now
antidepressants have change my life completely
Why are they not always recommended?

Because they don’t always work. I was on anti depressants as a kid. If anything it made my state worse long term, when I became delusional as an adult.

Pills will never solve existential dread that I feel. Neither will sex, friendship or alcohol.

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Did you give more than one type of antidepressants a try?
Have you tried since childhood?

Existential dread is not depression

I think it was the single most common variant. I didn’t take anything since. I might need to now.

I am more concerned with hallucinations that always return with full force when my triggers happen. Negative effects are even worse.

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In my case because I didn’t actually suffer from profound depression until a few years ago.


Oh yeah, okay makes sense
I think I was depressed a very long time before being prescribed

Really helped to change my life

Antidepressants only ever made me worse.

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I think bcz not all schizophrenics have depression. I am just diagnosed with schizophrenia. My negative symptoms are due to sz and not depression.

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In depression do you feel sad?

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I was on SSRI Sertraline for over 15 years. 200mg max dose.

Soon as i got my Dx of Sz they stopped them tho. But in all honesty - once my positive symptoms were treated and i had a clearer head with insight - my depression disappeared.

I was simply sad, cos i was suffering.


I just looked up depression symptoms and I don’t have them except maybe for the anhedonia. That’s why I am not diagnosed with depression. I just have severe negative symptoms from schizophrenia.


I’m not diagnosed with depression but they did add an antidepressant to my meds. I have been on sertraline for long time now, so i don’t know if I still would need the antidepressant but since I’m finally stable they don’t really wanna change my meds anymore.

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I never took an antidepressant because I have bipolar type sza and the pdocs said I’d get manic


They say that anxiety almost always goes hand in hand with depression. There is usually a lot of anxiety involved with schizophrenia. With some of these dx’s you can end up like a dog chasing its tail.

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I am sza, bipolar type and i take a small dose of sertraline. My pdoc is careful because i do get manic sometimes, so we balance it out with Lamictal, my mood stabilizer. The Latuda helps with that too.


Yeah, sorry guys
I just see so many here struggling with lack of joy in their lives and frequently think anti depressants can help so many

Some of my doctors over the years have felt hesitant to add an anti-depressant because of the fear it would make me manic. The doctors have tried ADs over many years with me, and for a long time did not have success. For about 6 months how I have felt better on Wellbutrin 300 mg.

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