Does everyone else's voices make them feel like a bad person


I was just wondering if it is common for the voices to make you feel like a bad person. The evil voice I hear constantly brings up bad things I’ve done and makes me feel like I’m bad. Does this happen to everyone with Schizophrenia?



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Well, it happens to me.

Yes. I think they want to brainwash people so dumb people can control everything.

The voice is essentially yourself, so it knows which button to press to degrade you


My voices (before going into remission 3 months ago) used to tell me that I’m worthless and I’m useless. They make me feel very powerless. It’s very bothersome. I can’t say that this happens to everyone with schizophrenia, or people with psychosis (in general). I don’t have sz- I have psychotic depression, and because of the nature of my depression my psychosis tend to be very negative as well.

I’m being told every day things related to me being a bad person because of my stupidity. Supposedly this is the reason why I got this disease - to prevent a stupid person from making mistakes that have a bad effect on others.

i have nice ones , mean ones, good ones , bad ones, manipulative ones

No, but the voices tell me that the people closest to me and my family are bad people. but they are not bad people.

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@Jake mine used to comment on peoples physical health and i used to believe it was true. itd be like ‘oh yeah that lady, overweight , diabetes , heart arrythimia, clogged arteries, 18 years to live’ something like that. just instantaneous comments.

Yes my one voice Alien the evil spirit in my head tells me I’m a hypocrite and murderer. Tries to bring me down and makes me believe his lies.

Hi, mine were quite the opposite. They would build me up and make me feel great about myself. I am still grateful they went away as the voices just fed into my delusions of grandeur and made me a risk taker and I was becoming a danger to myself and others.

I had both good and bad ones.
Some would try to bring me down, while other would comfort me or cheer me on.


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