Does anyone's voices try to make them feel stupid?

Mine try to say one thing and then say it’s wrong so I feel dumb sometimes. They say it’s all in good fun. But I’m wondering if other people have something like this?


I used to quote the lies my voices would say about others as truth. I think that came from the delusions that schizophrenia brings along with it and the fact I really didn’t know those other people and was guessing. Anyway you can’t generally trust what the voices say the World around you or often yourself. You also may find that due to past hallucinations that you may have not recognized as hallucinating at the time your memories are likely full of delusions too. Your mind has probably created a different World than the real World and the two don’t jibe all the time.

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When mine tell me I’m stupid I’m either like “yeah lol” or I’ll be “■■■■ OFF”

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An example of what a idiotic male voice I nicknamed Tinkerbell said to me. "A thesaurus is a ■■■■■■ dinosuar dude!"
My best advice is to not place too much importance in what they say. It’s not a reflection of who you are. If anything it’s what you’d expect someone else to say. I believed that a person who would take pleasure in harassing me would have to be an idiot and on drugs to do it so long and so frequently. So there it was.

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