Does every antipsychotic medication symptoms?

I am 25 years old.

What can I do to lessen these terrible symptoms?
Heart failure
Sudden death
Heart attacks

What can medicated s over 80 years old can do to help themselfs?

If every medication have these symptoms then why I should be taking these medicine?

Don’t worry I’m still medicated

Exercise and eat well. It’s all about function versus side effects. You take what you can to alleviate symptoms and as little as you can to avoid side effects. Those things you mentioned can affect normal people too so it’s a poor example. Such things are rareites even for those on meds.


Hi @Noop_12. I agree with @rogueone. We just have to accept the burden of side effects - my GP told me all ap’s cause obesity and diabetes. So I try to eat very healthy food and I exercise just about every day.

I’ve done lots of research on diet & exercise that’s best for my age group, mid 40’s. It’s very different to what I thought…diet of only 15% protein (meat/fish) and short workouts of high intensity interval training. I think it’d be good if you do some research for the best diet & exercise for your age group, 25.