Does depression make you stupid?

It sure feels that way. Like, you can’t think at a higher level…


Depression can slow down things, including your thoughts.


Yes it can dumb us down.

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no, i think it just makes you a very sad person :frowning:

Nah depression doesn’t make you stupid but it makes you feel like you’re stupid.

I always felt smarter when i was depressed. I became a deep thinker for some reason.

I become more sarcastic, more bitter, but cognitively slower…i cant read books or long texts…


Sort of it can slow down your cognitive speed/processing. Also if self esteem plays into it you may have more negative thoughts about yourself when you’re depressed where you may feel stupid.

I don’t know, I’m usually not trying cognitive stuff when I’m depressed. I just can’t concentrate on it. The bad thoughts come back and I get absorbed in that.

Periods of depression are similar to periods of psychosis which is reknowned for cognitve loss. Both are extreme on the old brain so it’s not out of touch to say they are most likely both doing damage.

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It makes me forgetful.

It’s the other way around for me.

Something called psychomotor retardation.

I think if u had that tho, u would know.

That’s what I read too!

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