Does anyone skype?

If anyone wants to text, audio or video skype sometime, send me a pm and I’ll give you my info. I like getting to know other MI people and find that I can never have enough friends to joke with with on skype.


I don’t have that kinda cash.

It’s a free service to use, it only costs if you have premium, which is used for large group skypes, Up to 3 or 4 people can skype together w/o anyone paying for free.

i get really nervous, almost panicky with those video calls unless i know the person for a while first i think

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Oh I didn’t know that. I will look into setting up an account. I. Use to have one that my brother contacted me from Mexico with. I thought his was paid though and that’s how he called me…with his credit card

I used to be the same, but skype has helped me quite a bit with my confidence in social situations. After doing it for a while I’m pretty comfortable. Perhaps a bit awkward at first but not nearly as bad as I used to be.

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@Bipolar_Bear I skype …want 2 talk then give me ur… I d I am online…

@daydreamer u don’t really need to make video. u can also make audio calls…turing off the video mode…

@Bipolar_Bear I am actually watching wolfenstein the old blood …if u want 2 chat((Skype) .then whats ur id…fast.

I have never used any Skype, I do not have any need for it. I suppose it can be useful, although I have a paranoia that it is monitored by NSA as most of these free Internet services such as Facebook etc are.

Is anything on the internet not monitored by the NSA? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, unless you’re doing something illegal, why do you care? There’s no reason for the to pay attention to you otherwise.

If anyone wants to chat on skype send me a pm. I prefer text chat but can video chat if you want.