Does anyone look at the digital clock at exactly 11 minutes past the hour on a regular daily basis

Whenever i look at any digital clock randomly most of the times see 11 minutes past the hour (eg 6:11, 7:11, 4:11 etc.). Like i will be doing something completly random, unaware of the time and then all of a sudden when i happen to look at my phone’s time i see 11 minutes past the hour. This has been happening some years now. Is this something spiritual?


It is just a coincidence. :crocodile::crocodile::crocodile:

I would always look at it when it said 9:11.

weird that you say tht. it seems I check the clock 11:11 two or three times a year. I used to have a girlfriend that would say “11:11 make a wish” I always wish to live forever or a big willy.

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For some reason my wife always sees 1111 and says it out loud. That’s one of her things.

I seem to look at 4:44 a lot

I think you notice the time in your periphery and then subconsciously want to look at it.

My roommate looks at the clock and it says 7 11. He played those numbers in Vegas and won a bunch of money!!

I usually see the clock when its 1337.

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