Do you make a wish at 11:11

You’re really that superstitious huh :wink:

Me too!!

What’d you wish for???

I wished for I’m not telling because it’s bad luck to say your wish

I always thought to make a wish at 11:11. It was innate. Since I could tell time at 2 years old since I was 3 probably I made wishes at 11:11

Then I heard it was actually a thing

Amazing huh


One of my friends used to tell me that everytime it was 11:11. I dont get it, why 11:11.

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There are 4 ones. It’s unique. I don’t know

12:34 is an interesting time also

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I guess I was sorta into numerology and counting since the day I could count so it seemed significant to me.

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The first time I got arrested was at exactly 11:11.

I joked with the cop that 11:11 was supposed to be lucky, obviously not for me considering the circumstances.

They didn’t think it was funny.

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Lol I probably was arrested at 11:11 too…only the first time though

It was just about that time on a Saturday night just home from my first semester of college.

We didn’t deserve it but we were being stupid so in a way we deserved it.

Lol I dunno if it was really 11:11 but the article said shortly after 11 PM.

My sister keeps seeing the number 11 and it’s really getting her weirded out. But she kinda gets into all that magical thinking.

When I was psychotic in March I saw 3 everywhere. Then 4. These were my two favorite numbers to count with in childhood for my ocd. Well actually 3x4=12. Aka I liked 12 also.

I didn’t see 12 anywhere

Now I don’t see any numbers. But every time I’m psychotic I do

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I did when I was younger, but I don’t anymore.

When I was psychotic I read too much into car plates like predicting the present and the future etc

I too get into psychic delusions when I’m psychotic

However, I’m wondering if that will change now that I don’t believe in psychics

I called up a psychic I met in March and she completely convinced me she was phony

Then I thought about it and I think the whole idea of psychic ability is over exaggerated

This psychic kicked me out after 15 minutes and I paid $80

Well I told her that when she was trying to sell me another session.

She said “psychiatrists charge $400 an hour so I’m really not ripping you off”

I just hung up on her quickly after that

Now I believe in intuition. I also learned of cold and hot readings too.

So maybe if I became psychotic again my mind wouldn’t go there

I don’t plan on it though.

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The only time I kind of got into numerology was when psychotic. I’m a nine. My sz uncle is a nine. I see nines and elevens everywhere.

I still don’t believe in it as a method of determining life decisions, they just stand out to me.


I wish 24 hours a day. Skunks aren’t limited to one specific time slot. We are omniscent.


Oh I’m
a three.

My life path number…

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I don’t make a wish, but I will stare at it till it changes. :bird::bird::bird:

YOU BET I MAKE A WISH AT 11:11!! Every. Single. Time. I am almost 30 years old and I still get excited when I glance at the clock and it just happens to be 11:11. Makes my whole day, LOL.

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