Does anyone know when Brexpiprazole or Cariprazine will be coming out?

Brexpiprazole is a new antipsychotic - made by the same pharmaceutical company as Abilify - it is supposed to have less akathisia and activation than Abilify.
It is supposed to be available, I think sometime this year - 2015, but I dont know if there is a time frame as to when it will come out? Does anyone know at around which date it is to be released?

Cariprazine is also another new antipsychotic which is due to come out soon - when I have no idea - does anyone know?

The PDUFA date for Brexpiprazole is July 11, 2015. So I believe this means if approved some time this year.

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Thanks - So does this mean that it could be released around this date? - July 11, 2015
Nevermind - got it - thanks again

@Wave you said you got it, but for everyone else…

I’m a little vague on this, but here goes. The PDUFA date is when the FDA says that they will say one way or another whether a drug is approved. They can approve the drug before then, however.

Once the drug is approved, the manufacturer can sell it. When they actually start selling it varies. Depends a bit on how sure they think it will be approved, and how soon they can get it out.

I couldn’t find a published PDUFA date for Cariprazine other than second quarter 2015.

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Thanks @Maggotbrane for explaining it in more detail - I appreciate it

No problem. I admire your persistence and thoroughness in looking for alternatives to your present AP.

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Cariprazine (brand name Vraylar) has just been approved on the US market. (Sept 17 2015)

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