Does anyone here take caplyta?

My pdoc is thinking about having me try caplyta and I’m scared. I have been on perphenazine a long long time. What are you experiencing?


I personally haven’t however you can find med reviews online

See here’s the problem meds work differently for other people idk if it will help you at all what I do know is that it’s new and the only thing that’s approved for both bipolar 1 and 2 depression that’s all I know and it’s for schizophrenia aswell

Caplyta has low effect size in its trial meaning it isnt a potent medicine,you could try karxt in september if you want


have u ever tried invega?

Caplyta has helped my negative symptoms to some degree. Also it is sedative so if you take it at night it helps you fall asleep.

No I’ve never tried invega but I wouldn’t be surprised if my pdoc suggested it. He thought of caplyta

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i havent been on invega long and its my first time trying it but i really like it so far. and so far no side effects for me

I am on Caplyta and have been for around 3 years. I like this med a lot more than the Abilify I used to be on.

I have tolerated the med well in general. It is quite good for me, as it is a partial agonist that isn’t super heavy. I’ve found that I am more functional on it.

As far as side effects go, my main issue is weight. I haven’t gained as much as I did on Abilify, though.

This is a med that works well for me.