Does anyone else have urges to self harm or harm someone else

Does this mean my meds aren’t working?

Yes, I have had these thoughts. The meds question isn’t one I can answer, you’ll have to talk to your dr.

Therapy is what helps me the most with these thoughts, not the meds. The meds help even me out and slow the impact of delusions to a manageable degree, but I still have lots of work to do to feel better. It’s hard work.

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They don’t allow me therapy

Oh geez, I’m so sorry. Maybe some self-help books then? DBT has been most helpful for me. There are workbooks.


yea i felt urges to self harm a lot in the past and i did self harm… i also had feelings of harming others but that got better over time… i don’t know if it’s cause of the meds or that i deal differently with my emotions…

why don’t they allow you therapy?

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Becaus its too early

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ah yea bummer =/

It could mean that your meds aren’t working or it could mean that you have a severe underlying personality disorder, or it could mean both. Mental illness often strips away impulse control allowing what was hidden deep in a person to come to the service where it is highly visible. It’s not that SZ makes people violent so much as it removes the necessary self-control from the limited number of people who tended towards violence before they developed this illness.

It something you’ll need to talk to doctors and therapists about.

I personally become suicidal without my Wellbutrin. I have no urges to hurt others, even when floridly ill and in the grip of my positive symptoms.

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Sometimes to harm myself. Very rare.

I don’t want to hurt anyone so i don’t think its a personality disorder

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I get those urges once in a while.
I’ve learned to mostly not act on them. I have emotional dysregulation, so I experience emotions strongly and sometimes get overwhelmed.

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That’s a judgement made by professionals, not you.


I think it’s good you’re talking to us about this. I have harm thoughts. I just don’t act on them.

I came very close to killing my brother and burning my other brothers house down. It was the stress of loosing half the land to my brother that caused these thoughts. I was very paranoid about what would happen the land when my mother dies and the thought of loosing half of it made me very potentially violent.

Since then I am in a better place, I have decided to leave the thing that has split my family and nearly made me kill becuase I believe it’s better for me in the long run. If I don’t own they can’t take it from me

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Sometimes I have had suicidal ideation but I’ve only attempted once, and actually researched death methods once.

My doctor thinks the same

I was in the mental ward here and tried to destroy the nurses station. I was stopped right away but some psych tech( I don’t know which ) had to go to the emergency room. I don’t know if I feel guilty. My guilt about so many things is irrational and extreme. Now that I’m home I feel safe with myself. I trust me.

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