Self destructive tendencies

This isn’t necessarily a symptom of schizophrenia, but I’m sure some of you may struggle with it too. Do any of you have tips on denying self-destructive tendencies?

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Stay on meds. Have a PRN for emergencies.

Make sure you have something to chill you out if you feel self destructive , be it natural or pharmaceutical.

If you can see a talk therapist then maybe they can help.

Sometimes the desire to be self destructive comes from repressed anger. So again a talk therapist might help.


Unfortunately due to some complications with my medical insurance a talk therapist may not be an option for some time, and my meds make me drowsy/unclear

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yea i get self destructive tendencies when i’m off meds. now on my meds it’s much better though… i feel ok although i still don’t like myself.

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I stand by that.
I was unconsciously very angry with my father for reasons going back to childhood and teen years. Through talk therapy I was able to identify and express that anger. A little bit of verbal violence too. But afterwards I felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my chest. I also have a better image of myself now.

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