Does anyone else have casadastraphobia

Its a fear of falling into the sky. Ive had it since i was a kid, i remember dreaming of this happening, and being terrified of being up side down. I cant even tell you when this started. But when i lay on my back and look at the sky i get this terrible uncontrollable anxiety.


Yes sometimes when I’m daydreaming and looking up at the vast sky, I get the feeling of falling through it.
This gives me butterflies but I wouldn’t say that I suffer with full on casadastraphobia (sp?)

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It sends me into a panic attack so id say i probably do. But i usually just avoid looking at the sky to avoid the panic attack. Kind of sucks because i love stars and clouds


I have claustrophobia. I imagine you feel like youre gonna during the panic attack.

I get it if I have two surfaces pushing at a certain angle against me mostly like certain sofas would make me like I’m trapped and panic and the more I try to get free the more I am trapped and dig myself into the sofa.

Also small spaces. And lines and crowds of people.

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