Does anyone else find they are cold a lot

Like seriously it’s 68 in here (mom turns down the heat at night and I moved to the living room) and I am under 2 blankets and still I am cold… does anyone else feel the same?

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Silly Question - Sure you are eating enough? My diet was terrible and i was always cold.

@Naarai I eat mostly healthy food and only eat until I’m full

I dont know you metabolism obviously - but maybe more carbs?

@Naarai more carbs would mean gluten I have a gluten allergy

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Ok Didnt know 151511515151515

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@Naarai it’s okay lots of people don’t know

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I’ve been wearing a shirt, two pullovers and a college jacket when I’m in my room. My father this week bought me a new heater whilst the old refused to work. Because I smoke I open up the windows a lot.

I eat like twice a day if I drink coffee. I’m not having warm, but with the new heater it is okay. It’s a heater for 12m², my room is 18m². So it never gets really warm.

When I’m significantly anemic, I’m that way. When I lost my 150 plus pounds, I had to adjust, too. If you’re losing weight, that could be the reason.

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@JustTrish I did lose 9 lbs so far

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