Does anyone believe they're a psych experiment?

I’ve always believed everyone’s known about it, but they ignore it because they don’t experience it first hand and it doesn’t matter to them whether it is happening or not. I believe I’ve been being watched since I was a little girl and I believe I’ve been put in the kind of environment, and put under the right kind stress and abuse that causes psychosis on purpose. It felt like my paranoia was coming from outside of me like my search for meaning and danger in my environment was manipulated in such a way that it caused me to become hysterical, paranoid and defensive.

I believe the entire human race is an experiment and earth was terraformed for it. Thats why the dinosaurs had to go. To make room for the next experiment.

The time difference between when a T rex and a stegosaurus lived is longer than the time when a stegosaurus lived until now. If evolution is a reality, and If the dinosaurs rulled for hundreds or thousands of million years, why did they not evolve as fast current life.

How were the egyptians able to harness wireless electricity and lighting and understanding of harmonics and magnetic energy fields and time and space functional plumbing which are all things we did not have again for thousands of years, if even at all still. History has been tampered with and great knowledge has been lost, in my opinion. Feels like an experiment to me.

I read up on Latuda and it says they have no conclusive evidence of impact past two years. So yes!

That is very similar to what I believe. My brain study has been going on for (about) 13 years although my real life was very stressful even before the study. I also believe ‘everyone knows’ but can’t tell me. I think it’s the biggest deal in the world. We are studying ‘the’ human brain, physiology and behavior. I don’t think the stress caused psychosis though. I think the people controlling my brain mimic psychosis. They have complete control of my brain. I take my meds every night and go to therapy because that is all part of the study. If my delusion goes away, that is part of the study too, so I will just see what happens.

I also have the same delusion. Thought I was the only one. I believe the government has a lot to do with this.

Hell, I’m still convinced I’m a chosen one from God and I’m preparing myself for a “huge battle” when I grow older. Idk. It’s odd. :worried:

@Sunshine The entire reason I am in a brain study is because I am the all-knowing ‘Savior’ and I came up with the brain study idea myself. I am using myself as the subject and had my ‘colleagues’ suppress my memory so I wouldn’t ruin the study. My delusion is pretty far out there too.

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ITs pretty far out.
I thought that once I became older, these delusions would go away but they didn’t.
Hey, one step at a time bud. :sunny:

Now that u mention it I feel like a lab eexperiment chimpanzee or guinia pig

I take my meds and go to therapy. I do what I can :slight_smile:

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And then there was the time I had the identity crisis and it was as if I was hearing and feeling what others were hearing and feeling… better living through experimentation

Is that a dachshund