Does anybody smoke over a pack a day of cigarettes?

I smoke 1 pack a day.

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I used to smoke a pack a day when I smoked.

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I’m 37 and since turning 18 I may have smoked less than a pack of cigs in my lifetime. But I dip snuff so not trying to sound self righteous or anything.

I used to smoke 2 packs a day. That was a couple years ago now

I smoke 3 packs a day but I have the nicotine patch on right now

I used to do half a pack a day.

I smoke more than 40 cigarettes per day. Since end of 2017. I started in june 2017 with smoking. First it was three cigarettes then it build up from then.

A pack a day from like 15 till I was 39. I’m now 50 and best thing I ever did was give up the smokes. It’s just such an insidious chemical that marries with our brains. It’s just smoking poison but oh so good. Doh!

I don’t regret giving up in the slightest and it pains me that people still smoke!


I used to smoke 20 plus cigarettes a day. When I used alcohol I could smoke more that 40 in a day. Fortunately I quit both. I quit smoking in 2007.


Nah mostly vape for me. Ill have the odd hamlet cigar, but my lungs cant handle smoking now, wake up in the middle of the night coughing lol.

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1 and a half, usually

I am on 2 packs a day and i started to have problems from it :confused:
My plan is to reduce them, if i get more busy and active… I am quite addicted to cigarettes, it was my only help in this illness for long, but i should at least reduce them, cause i cough already…

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I used to smoke 25-30 cigarettes per day, but that stopped at the end of August, been nicotine-free for nearly five months now.

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I used to but I quit a while ago for goos

Did you quit cold turkey or used some meds?

I quit cold turkey. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Amazing. 151515151515

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