Does anybody smirk or smile alot

I usually smirk alot, but I think it’s because of my sickness, people often think I’m showing off or something cus I smirk alot, I looked up symptoms of skitzo on Web MD , and one of the things it said was that the person may smile at inappropriate times, does anybody have similar experiences?

I have laughed at sad or terrible news before.
It’s a rare occurrence but it has happened a few times.

Not proud of doing this, but I know it’s the SZ talking

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Paging @turnip. I think she does.

Yeah my auntie put her hands I between her legs and I was looking at the floor and smirked involuntary it was ■■■■■■■ awkward

I smile a lot when I think funny thoughts or receive a nice compliment. I think people think I’m thinking a funny thought or something pleasant or they might be wondering why I’m smiling.

My diagnoses have flipped around a lot over the years and even in recent times. Like I’ve seen several different professionals, and they’ve had different theories. A couple of them believed I had SZA. Latest professional mentioned schizotypal PD.

That said, I have had problems with smirking or laughing when I am under duress for pretty much my entire life. It would often get me into extra trouble as a child, because I would be in trouble, an adult would be angry or even furious with me, I would be scared, and I would also be smirking without realizing it. Then I would hear a furious, “Oh I’m glad you think it’s funny,” which would confuse and scare me even more, because I didn’t think it was funny at all and didn’t understand why they were saying something like that. It wasn’t until I was much older that I gained some self-awareness of what my face is doing at any given time.

To this day I tend to mostly have a flat affect both with my face and tone, but when under duress I still smirk or laugh more often than not. It seems that my face never produces a sad or scared expression, even if I am feeling either of those things very intensely.

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Yeah I hate it. It’s a problem often. I hate to do it around my douchey dad because he’ll be telling nasty jokes that I don’t find funny at all and then I just grin, which makes him tell more. And in many psychotic episodes I laugh like a villain.

In one of my stronger psychotic episodes I was giggling non-stop all day. I tried to wash an apple and could barely do it because of all the laughing. I’d be sitting in my chair dying of fear and just laughing away.


I don’t smile much. even if I did, I’d cover my mouth and look away. but sometimes people would see me doing that, and they would get the impression that I was offended. lol

but yeah, my mom did not want me smiling much when I was a kid.

I think back at things that have happened in the past could have been an hour or a year ago. Usually conversations,. Kinda relive the moment and catch myself smirking . As I’ve gotten a bit less socially awkward I find I do it less. Kinda hate it cause I know that it looks strange and my wife always wants to know what I’m thinking about. It’s usually so insignificant thing that I’d rather not share.

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I have the tendency to smirk involuntarily, though I mainly do it when something funny comes to my mind at an unexpected time.

I rarely smile and I rarely laugh. Not that I feel bad mind you just that my mood seems to stay neutral no matter what.

I laugh when I hear bad news sometimes, but not always. I smile a lot to try to look pleasant. I think everyone at my work thinks I’m weird and/or idiotic. But if I don’t smile I’ve been told I look mean, uncomfortable or lost…or a combination… It’s an effort to make an expression to try to communicate to people around me. I hate having to think about it, but I don’t want to scare anyone.

I used to have a big problem with this. I would constantly get funny thoughts in my head so at random times I’d just burst out laughing. And I’d smile or almost laugh at bad things like at the sad part of a movie I’d be laughing but although I was laughing or smiling i wasn’t actually happy or found whatever happened to be funny.

basically me laughing didn’t match up with how I was really feeling…then I switched meds and this stopped for the most part.

I do this too even when it wasnt funny.

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i have’t smile since years…!!!

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I rarely smile or smirk.

I have to make myself smile or else I naturally won’t smile.

Ive smiled and laughed all my life untill they put me on medication then I was to afraid to laugh in front of people in case they wanted to put me in the Mental hospital.

I smile in place of laughing; I may sometimes type “lol,” but I always mean it as a figure of speech - I haven’t been one to laugh out loud since I was a little kid. Unless you count me laughing through my nose as real laughter; it’s weird, but it’s something I do. I used to smile when I was feeling embarrassed, but that seems to have stopped, perhaps because it’s much harder than it used to be to embarrass me.

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I can smile. :slight_smile:

I do not laugh often but do and have laughed out loud when im out by myself like doing grocery shopping i could start laughing out loud in shop for instance.

I love laughing mostly i think it can be such a release and delight and joyous.
My boyfriend made me laugh when i met him.

I dont think comedies are funny but i may watch them or like the actors but still not find it funny but Seinfeld i loved watching but not sex n city or friends.

I have been told it is noticable that my face can look or act wierd such as smile or expression or similar.