Does anybody like to ski?

i enjoy ski’ing sometimes. here locally we have a ski slope that blows there own snow. i had a season pass a couple years ago and went about 10 times that year. i like it but also sometimes i get bored with it. it’s like i just want to bomb the hill, meaning to go straight down it. instead of changing directions all the time to control speed. the change of direction im not real smooth at, and it isn’t always fun.

also me and mom went out to colorado to visit my sister a couple years ago and we went skiing in the mountains. the runs where a lot longer, but i have a mild fear of heights, going up the chair lifts or gondolas, so didnt enjoy it.

i may get another season pass to go ski’ing again this winter with my mom, she goes every year. i don’t own my own ski’s but if i keep going ski’ing i will probably buy my own ski’s and gear.

does anybody like to ski?

the good thing is neither one of us were working. i was on ssdi and mom is retired, so we would go during the day when no kids where there. it’s crazy when the kids are there after school, they dont always look out for other skiers. and we never went on a weekend either.

im thinking of moving to a ski town in vermont. i would try to work on a golf course in the spring and summer and work at a ski resort in the winter, that would just be the plan, i may have to get a different type of job. i think it would be enjoyable lifestyle. out west the places are way too expensive, like 500k- a million for a ski condo in the nicer areas. first i will visit to see how it is, before i make a decision.

My brother and his girlfriend like to go skiing.
I used to go years ago, I no longer ski.

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