Does anybody like shopping and likes clothes

I like to shop, but I don’t shop like a woman. I am in the middle with liking clothes.


I do. But I do all of it online. Find it way easier even if I do send 3/5ths of it back. I find manually walking around shops time consuming and I feel self concious about it sometimes. They also often wont stock my size even when the shop/brand do make it.

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I hate shopping and clothes

Good question, Jake.

Amazon is a good place to buy your clothing, the benefit is that you don’t need to experience any awkwardness an staff trying to manipulate you in shops. All you need to know is your clothing sizes.

Few trial and errors, and it should be smooth journey after that.

Yeah, I go shopping mostly at second hand shops. With top parts it’s no problem, but I have settled for some pants that aren’t a exact fit, pants that are a little bit too long, or a little bit too wide. But it’s no problem really. Unless I have to walk on a catwalk. jk.

I shop online preferably when there are discounts.