Does America not care about precise grammar anymore?

Take any blockbuster from the 70s and compare the dialogue to any movie today. Take any news broadcast from the same time and compare it to today. Compare mainstream hip hop from the 90s and compare it to today. I can recite most of the lines from the original star wars but i can’t remember anything from episode 7 or 8. And ive already seen episode 8, 3 times. I’m not saying my grammar is perfect, its far from it. But its sad to see our only means of communicating be turned into what it has become. And I’m not saying we need to talk wearing 1000$ suits and dresses with our pinky raised holding our coffee. But i do hope we emphasize how we can better communicate with one another because communication is all we have. God damnit im getting ■■■■■■■ old and starting to sound old as well. Sorry, just had to vent


Times change yeh and the language with it :slight_smile:

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Well, if you consider the past as far as movies and any form of entertainment such as art, writing, news, and so forth…

…the money and time for those things was much more sparse. So when anyone was going to show you a book, or anyone was going to create a film, or show you a piece of art,…

…it was going to be the best because you could not afford acting, play writes, movie writers, and other talents or products like book or painting if it was not the best. And since people knew what was the damn good stuff, that’s what became popular as people just bought what they knew was good because someone else bought it, and they know it was.

These days though because of welfare and the ease to make money on the electric platforms namely the internet but not limited to the internet platform people have much more time and money on their hands.

So for instance if someone wanted to take time in their life to perfect a talent, it was much easier these days and recent days than it was in the past. In the past you’d just starve and die trying that where as today they can flounder around in more massive groups than ever while never ever creating the talent.

Also if they have extra money to play with, that goes into it too. Take for instance a writer that has a lot of money, so he or she doesn’t need to work. The people like that person are abundant where as those people were rare in the past. Regardless of their money thus their time to do so they may never develop the talent.

Another example are electronic mediums such as internet videos, TV networks, cable companies, cellular companies with internet, text, and calling and all of the equipment that can give a band, a show maker, a movie maker, a news maker, etc that has become very cheap and abundant. This has grown the population that are chasing those dreams, thus…

…what you see are tons of untalented people which somehow make it the norm, and precision talent becomes something unusual if not an oddity.

You can find it, but it’s similar to movies, right. If there are many movies, and only a certain vein of them are good, then how do you find that certain vein of them especially if the way of distributing them is all alien and new to you? In the past if it was good, you were definitely going to see ads for it or become familiar with the people in it.

The main idear is that because of the flood of electric technology and productivity out of civilization comes an abundance of money and time and most importantly information, thus comes a flood of tempted talents that sort of “flash mob” the channels that you were used to.

But there is the internet, and anything you want to learn or do can be figured out on it. Name anything you can imagine, and I will tell you there is “a channel” for you to find it and do it with. You simply have to do the work as though you were a collegiate searching for the understanding of a passion of yers.

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as somebody who hated English class, it’s sweet revenge

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