Does Almond milk taste good?


So you are talking about the unsweetened kind that tastes gross. I’ve only tried the yogurt.


Yes that’s the one I’ve tried lol.
The one that’s got barely anything in it.
I mean it’s OK ishhh but compared to cows milk…


There are hardly any almonds in it, it’s mostly water.


yeah seriously wtf is almond milk? Almonds don’t have nipples


It is ground almonds soaked in water and pureed, then strained. They add sugar and vanilla or chocolate flavors.


I do like the taste of Rude Health hazelnut drink though, it’s organic and made with spring water.


I’m getting used to the taste of vanilla almond milk. Will probably buy some more of almond milk yogurt.


I don’t like milk at all :nauseated_face:


I like it in chai tea :slight_smile:


I heard somewhere that almond milk has only very small amounts of actual almonds. The rest is something else


I agree.

I like almond milk such as in a smoothie etc but in coffee it’s just not creamy and “thick” enough for my liking.


I like both the Vanilla and Chocolate. If there wasn’t as much sugar in it I would drink it all the time.


I love :two_hearts: it but don’t think it’s creamy enough to have in my coffee.


Tastes like chicken.


Yes, it tastes good. I like it. I like the flavored and the unflavored kind both. I used to use it on my cereal. Now, I buy instant dry milk.