Does Almond milk taste good?


Not rice milk @Treebeard! Have you ever tried it? It’s good :slight_smile:


Almond milk is bland, but cashew milk’s flavor somewhat approaches half-and-half. You need a lot for your coffee / tea, like over half of the cup being cashew milk, to have sufficient whitening.


I kind of like it. I get the vanilla flavored, I put it in my smoothie, it’s fortified with vit d. last time I had bloodwork done they told me I was deficient in vit d so it’s an added bonus.


I also like the Silk almond milk and in vanilla it is good.


Yes vanilla almond milk tastes good. Dont get plain.


I love vanilla sweetened. Of course I hate regular milk, except chocolate.


IDK. If you like almonds and milk it might be good.


■■■■, you spend like three times the price, it tastes like water, has no protein, and what nutrional value does it have that’s “naturally” there? Less calories some might argue…might as well add water and a powdered substance like your protein powder, and mix…it’d be cheaper and more nutritional in the long run. Milk is my go to drink whole or 2% ftw. Ok, I have chocolate milk in there, too. Bestie sorry to hate on your almond milk, but you know I don’t drink coffee or anything caffeinated so Gatorade and milk are my go to. Sometimes I mix the two omg :astonished:


rice dream is so tasty. i remember when i was a kid at my friends house, his dad was lactose, i tried the rice dream and was like woaaaah that tastes good!!


its decent. Doesnt taste bad or anything, although it doesnt really taste REALLY GOOD either. ITs just neutral…kinda tastes like nothing to be honest


Yeah. I think so too :slight_smile:


I like almond milk, the vanilla sweetened kind of the brand Almond Breeze


The Almond Breeze ice creams are really good and don’t bother my stomach like milk based ice cream. They have a lot of sugar but they are a good source of monounsaturated fats which are good for your heart and hard to get in a typical diet.


Avoid unless it tastes like Chicken!

Ooops…that is the rule of meats! My bad!


As a vegan I was drinking soya milk. Delicious


Just had almond milk yogurt the vanilla kind. It was really good.


I drink cashew milk, it’s my favorite!


No it tastes bad. Almond milk. Sorry but it really does.


Have you tried the vanilla kind @Butterflyy?


No… Have you @thebest?