Does a psychiatrist have to be honest about the diagnosis

I think everyones in on this “lets make this kid think hea nuts” thing.

I was diagnosed without following guidelines drawn out in the DSM. Specifically, no drugs for 6 months. I smoked pot the day before my hospitalization, a week layer they said i have sz.

This ■■■■ has ruined my life. I feel like its a big experiment oe something. I see no option out.

You don’t have to be completely drug free for them to conclude that it’s most likely sz. It is not a mandatory step, at least not in practice. I was diagnosed without being drug free for 6 months, based on the DSM and by people who knew very well what they were doing. If they did it right, it’s fine that you smoked weed a week before the diagnosis. And honestly, while it’s always possible someone made a mistake somewhere, this post makes me think they didn’t. You sound paranoid. I would try to trust the diagnosis if I were you. Talk to your doctor/therapist about it. Let them explain why they ended up with this diagnosis. I promise you there’s no conspiracy.


I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia without ever having stopped smoking cannabis.

I agree with @anon9798425,

If you feel weird about your diagnosis, talk to your doctor straight up,

Tell them the concerns you have and they’ll likely have some solid explanation.


my medical team didn’t tell for a whole 9 months my DX changed had from BP to SZA because they thought telling me would trigger me more. Upon finding out and asking them why they didn’t tell me they said they had concerns it would worsen my mental health… This is NHS (UK)

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That’s not odd. Most doctors I’ve seen don’t keep me updated with diagnosis changes. They’ll tell me if I ask, but they’re more concerned with treatment than discussing labels.

Based on your postings here, I don’t think there is any reason to suspect a conspiracy.