Does a critic make you work harder or do you just get disheartened?

There was a time when I could work well with a critical teacher, but I haven’t been like that since sz.

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If one means well, i accept criticism


Do you make actual changes in your life to suit a critic?

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It depends.
If they explain and it gets understood by me,
I make changes, yes. You?

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I changed greatly but at the same time, I became dependent on him and when I left him, all his influence left me. So, all in all, he did not reach me. It was more like I was his captive.

I think it depends on what is being criticized. I am disheartened by criticism of my weight. It goes up and down, and I’ve complained to several doctors but no one does anything. So when I don’t mention it to one doctor, and they bring it up, it sucks and gets me down.

When I was working, though, I was always told I took criticism really well and responded appropriately. I used it as a way to improve, which should be the point.


I think there are critics who wish the best for people, critics who are out to destroy, and critics who unintentionally do harm—having schizophrenia or any mental illness is having a invisible disability, and if you look “high functioning,” then people may be harder on you when you need rest, peace, and validation.

I’ve had a self-hatred monster my whole life. I’ve learned that I have to accept it because I can’t make it go away. Sometimes it’s better for me to be alone so that overly critical people don’t ignite that monster. I don’t think you can hate yourself into self-improvement.

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I accept criticism. And hopefully maybe someday psychiatrists will accept my criticism

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I may get dishearted.

I don’t feel ok with it.
Positive encouraging doteing.

Specially if their intents are to destroy you because they are jealous of you.
They don’t wish you well they wish you bad and want to suppress you to make themselves feel better.

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