Doctors issue alert over risk of Ozempic causing birth defects

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Hey @Bowens, you’d better stay off of it in this case.


Not surprised


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Everything comes with a cost.

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Ugh. It seems like most every medication can cause birth defects. My high risk obgyn said that usually they worry when people take certain meds at very high doses or abuse them. So just lowering the dosage decreases the risk significantly.

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One of the medications I’m on right now causes birth defects.

I love how everyone is okay with me getting @Bowens pregnant.



How is that happening, exactly? Will it be on Ripley’s believe it or not?

I’m not worried, I’m already born.

Have ovipositor, will travel.

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It seems to me that every week something is being discovered about ozempic it seems a bit dangerous to me

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