Doctors appt

i have a doctors appointment in 30 mins,

i am hoping he will give me something for the pain i get in my chest sometimes

i just want an explanation and something to help me with it.

i’ll let you know how i get on.

well i’ve just got back and she checked my heart rate and pulse which was good.

i’ve to keep a diary of when it happens and see her in a month, i’ve also to get a chest x-ray and a heart trace to check to see if everything is ok,

she said people with sz are prone to heart problems so its good to get this and the trace is just a walk in thing so no need for an appointment for that lol, i think i’'ll get it all done on the same day.


Hopefully your chest x-ray and heart trace will come back good. I’m glad you have a doctor that is following up on these symptoms.

Anxiety can cause bad chest pain. I went to the doctor once as I thought there was something physically wrong as it hurt to breath. I was having panic episodes. The diary she asked you to keep should help to see if anxiety or panic is causing it.