Doctoring up your ramen


I was lazy and wanted food quick so I threw a can of mixed veggies in the ramen and served it with tuna sandwiches. It was really good.

Tell me what you do to your ramen to make it more of a meal.


Put croutons and mozzarella, or any cheese really, on the top of beef or oriental and it kind of gives you a french onion soup vibe. Really good.


There is actually a cookbook on doctoring up your ramen. :stew::stew::stew:


I usually buy the cheap instant ramen.
I’ll just add some hot sauce to it.


If you drop an egg in your ramen while it’s boiling it gives it sort of a nice creamy texture in the soup, and you also get a boiled egg with your ramen! :grin:


Do you crack the egg and poach it in the ramen or do you put the whole egg in as if you were making boiled eggs?


I usually just crack it and drop the yolk in when it starts boiling. :slight_smile:


Nice! I’ll have to give that a try.


I usually just add milk, cheese, and butter. Then I throw in either ham or hotdogs.


We sometimes have chicken, beef or pork already cooked then shred it and add it to ramen.


I’ve tasted ramen noodles with egg and it is good. I’d recommend it as montezuma shared.