Do Your Voices Ever Go Away On Their Own?

Mine have been gone for a while now, or more so reduced to occasionally in my head, rather than auditory voices.
Every time they leave, they do come back, though.
Just wondering if anyone has had their voices leave, for good, without medications. I’m just being hopeful they will stay away, this time.

After eating a meal, my voices went away temporarily,

but I needed my steady meds again to get them to go for good.

One thing I tried was dialogue with myself inside my brain,
or sometimes mouthing the words,

just like a pep talk or reasoning ability.

My voices stuck around for eleven years until the right med made them go away. They would come and go every few months, but they always came back.

Do you mean like talking to yourself to distract you?

yes, my voice being louder than them.

Ok, makes sense. I should try this.
I argue a lot in my head with my other half. Sometimes even out loud, by accident, but I never thought of talking to myself that way, as a distraction.

You don’t wanna take meds honey?

No, and I’m sorry for this, but I don’t want to talk about my reasons why. I have gotten in trouble for being in disagreement with meds on here, before. This is not a community for people like me.
I have not been diagnosed as schizophrenic, either.

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