Do you write down what you do everyday?

Do you keep a diary?

  • yes
  • no
  • iโ€™d like to
  • never
  • a scrapbook would be cool
  • bananas

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I know people might be struggling with things to do atm but i have been trying to keep busy as i can and do things to take my mind off of my anxiety and problems so at new year i started a daily diary :slight_smile:

I was enjoying writing down notes on the main points each day and it was quite satisfying. i forgot about it after i moved things around in my lounge but i just organised my paper rack and found it and i thought 'why have i not been filling this in? i was disappointed in myself that i had forgotten and lost track of things,

I just filled in the rest of the Diary and the last 2 weeks i missed best as i could and i thought it would be great to make a scrap book at the end of the week or month to commemorate my achievements :slight_smile: I just thought it doesnt have to be fancy and i could do it online for free on canva if i wanted :slight_smile: seems like a cool thing to do anyway :slight_smile:

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In a sense I treat the Say Anything thread like a daily journal though a very public journal.



I was taught to use a daily log during my last hospital stay to help with my memory and to notice patterns. So, Iโ€™ve been filling one out every single day with every single thing I do.

It is really handy when I canโ€™t remember something and for filling in mood charts (which I do monthly). My therapist and psychiatrist seem to appreciate it. It helps me stay more present, too.

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