Do you worry much........?

My worrying caused my psychosis


Yeah I’m constantly worrying.

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Bad yoke tbh

Hope you beat it wave

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I never worry. I don’t have anxiety.

Thanks @san_pedro

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fear…worry…anxiety… caused my issues of psychosis

But aren’t you on working meds so no psychosis?

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I discovered inner peace in my mind with meds and help

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I used to. Not much anymore.

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I offer up my worries now


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Off meds I worry, on meds I don’t. Maybe when I worry it doesn’t matter to other people and they are sick of it.

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I worry a lot about qwertle. About the kind of world I’ve brought him into. I worry something will happen to him. I worry about death. I worry about my mum passing away.

Just these kinds of things.


I worry all the time. Hand in glove with my paranoia.

I still worry sometimes, however I think it’s both the psychosis part and and Asperger’s part making me worry.

I worry more than ever before and it makes everything worse.

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I’ve been having panic attacks and nightmares again. They come out of no where, it’s horrible tbh.

Not so much as I used to.


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I tend to worry more than the average person. Sometimes can be extreme in the sense of paranoia but mostly just small worries that I overthink into the ground. Lol.

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Today was mostly worry free. Coincidentally my phone was also down. Hmmm.

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