Do you wear any jewlery

I do not wear any, I have one necklace, but I do not wear it.


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I don’t wear any.

a black and silver ring…it is a ’ sith ’ thing.
and a black wooden stud in ear…
take care :alien:

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Yes, I do. I like wearing my Lokai bracelet that my cousins got for me. I occasionally wear mood rings as well, but I’ve lost them.

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I have an octopus necklace that I wear when I feel like being fancy, but that’s about it.

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I wear a wrist watch

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Rings, that I immediately lose. I bought a polar bear necklace for when I dress up - weddings and funerals. So far I haven;t gotten/had to.

Star earrings that I never take out.

A wide sterling silver diamond accented ring that says enjoy the journey in scripted in it

A nose stud , necklace and bracelet

I sometimes wear a necklace or a ring.
Not always.

Just a watch if that counts.

Sometimes I wear rings, a necklace, or a bracelet. I hardly ever do though.

ear gauges ^^^^^^^^^^

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