Computer or Mobile Device?

Sometimes I think I can guess from the length of the post whether it was done on a computer or mobile device.


Mobile i hardly use my pc im always on my phone or the ps4

Im on both, my computer mainly but sometmes the phone - I prefer the computer.

I am on my computer.

hmmmm… I use both… it probably does effect things…

you can also tell by the caps… most phones auto-caps after the period. want to make a pms reference but am failing. @77nick77 care to help out :grin:

I use both. Mainly my computer, and my phone when I’m bored on the streets or in bed when I can’t sleep.

I tried using this site on my phone. It’s very impractical and I can’t wait until the mobile app is finished.

I just use my phone.

I use my laptop, my desktop and my phone. I just use whichever is more convenient at the time.

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