Do you use nicotine poll

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I just lovvee a short nic stick

I voted No, but should have said Yes. I gave up smoking around seven months ago but now find myself addicted to the nicotine spray that I used to give up smoking with.

Still, it’s better than smoking with all the other chemicals cigarettes contain.

Used to but no longer. It started effecting my breathing too much and it also cost a fortune at the rate I was smoking. So giving up was something I eventually really wanted to do.

I also became aware that it wasnt actually calming or satisfying me, it was making me more anxious inbetween hits.

I’m currently vaping but I do smoke like 1 cigarette a day

I just haven’t got the self-control or selfdicipline not to smoke. I use cigarettes for around 35 years.

Started today, using nicotine gum. Quit smoking, usually smoke 3 average.

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I closed the poll. Over 70 % of all voters use nicotine in one way or another. This is quite high. It would be interesting to know the percentage of the general population, but I might suppose that the percentage is lower. It may also depend on the country where people are.

Nah… currently I just vape flavored why ice with no nicotine…

Nicotine doesn’t really do anything much

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