Do you use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay when driving?

Do you use a navigation app from your phone? Do you display it on your stereo or just look at your phone?

  • I don’t use any navigation app
  • I use a different navigation app
  • I use Android Auto
  • I use Apple CarPlay

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I plug my phone into the car’s USB and BAM! I have Android Auto on my car’s stereo screen. So helpful. I play music from it and navigate to wherever I need to go. So helpful. I feel lost without it now.


Bluetooth connection to my phone when I get inside the car. Love it. Comes right up on my display.

No love for Garmin? I’m probably dating myself.

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I haven’t had a car since May 2020 but I have never used a navigation app.

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I have an offline navigation app on my phone that I paid for (Sygic). Maybe once a year I get to play navigator while sitting in the passenger side of a car.

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I do the exact same thing. I had an aftermarket unit installed in my vehicle, It supports both Android Auto and Apple Carplay but I use Android Auto. Plug in my phone with USB and can make phonecalls, navigation, music(spoitfy), radio, it’s all voice activated. I love it.

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