Do you use adblock

I cant handle adverts on websites they drive me crazy!!!

I have u block and google adblock to make sure these pesky rats dont flood my pc


I put adblock on my Google page, it’s set for the start page for for my browser (Moxilla). I’m somewhat of a non-tech guy when it comes to the terminology. So I hope that makes sense.
Like it much better. Wish I would have done it years ago.

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Firefox used to have an add on called ad block plus. It even used to block the ads in youtube videos

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I use ublock origin. It works pretty well for me. :slight_smile: I find ads intrusive and overwhelming.

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I have two adblocks. adblock plus and a script installed for tapermonkey to get the ones that try to go around.


I don’t use any ad blocking stuff.

I use uMatrix:
Point and click matrix to filter net requests according to source, destination and type

You can choose to block ads, images, scripts, XHR from every website…

Finally Chrome is blocking some intrusive ads by default:

I have firefox and adblock plus.

I use firefox on my laptop and phone and adblockers on both.

I use ghostery. The only trouble is that increasingly sites won’t let you see their content if you are using something like adblock or ghostery. The choice really cut down on the content you can see , or if you really want to see their content white list the site.

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