Ad blocker?

What was the name of that ad blocker… the one that actually works? I’m to tired to search it out.

Ad blocker is the name of the one I use

cool is there a “plus” version to it? that might be what I’m thinking of

I dont know, its an add on, works on all browsers I have in on Firefox

Is that supposed to be Bernie sanders?

I’ll look into it…

@daze that’s Captain murphy

What a con man don’t achieve greatness so that everyone else can feed off the system. Don’t work hard so that everyone else can get paid.

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I like Adblock edge. Doesn’t white list like Adblock.

Ahhhh I found what I was looking for or at least it’s what I’m going to use for now “adblockplus”

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There is adblock plus, adblock, and adblock pro.

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cool 17 ads already is what it has counted…

@astefano there is a option to turn off the whitelist

Unfortunately it still leaves the spaces where the ads are supposed to be

I use Ad Blocker, it works fine for me.

Next to the button on mine said install for firefox is icons for other web-browsers, just click on the one you are using.

It is free, they do ask for a donation but it’s completely voluntary and at your own amount if you wish to donate.

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yeah I wound up with adblocker they all seemed kind of the same

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