Do You Understand Sarcasm?

I Ask.

Because I Sometimes Get Confused When Someone Doesn’t Understand The Truth of My Sarcasm. I Once Said to Myself, Sarcastically, Sarcasm Will Be The Death of Me. In All Truth My Faith in The Word Faith itself, And of The Beauty of The Universe Keeps Me in Focus. Where I Don’t Worry About Actual Death. At Least Realistically. Faith in The Science of The Endless Universe And All of it’s Splendor!.

But What Does One Do, if Someone Doesn’t Understand Your Sarcasm?.

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That’s a brilliant post.


Thanx!. I Don’t Understand Your Sarcastic Post at All.

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I have a hard time picking up on sarcasm. :whale2::whale2::whale2:

Now you just blew my mind.

The Sarcasm in Thus Thread is Going to End My Existence, Sarcastically Said I Jus Now.

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i understand sarcasm to often be a juvenile’s first attempt at learned humor.

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I have a hard time picking it up unless I feel i knpw the person enough

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I think… if you want to be sure they get it then don’t do the sarcasm with deadpan. A bulb horn is optimal.

then it becomes habitual and it’s either something you grow out of or don’t. i had a sarcastic phase, but no longer am.

I hate sarcasm.
I just don’t appreciate it.


Very rarely do I understand sarcasm.

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Sometimes, @Crystal-Cotton, it’s For The Best.

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Yes, sarcasm is immatuure. Someday you’ll understand

The Strokes~ ‘Someday’. (Album-Is This It). (July 30, 2001). 10/10!.

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I used to be sarcastic when I was younger but now I am more mellow and sometimes outgoing.

Yes I understand sarcasm but don’t always enjoy it, or certain when something is sarcasm or seriousness…, That can be a mind ■■■■. Not knowing what is going on.

I think sarcasm tends to be a young man’s game. Then you get older and chill out a bit more.

I’m rarely sarcastic with my teenage daughters. I never wanted them to mimic me and act bitter…etc. Also, them knowing that what I say is the real deal, makes life less complicated.

This is termed something like poetic speech or whatever, if you’re doing this unironically thinking people don’t understand you, you might want to see about a different medication.

People understand sarcasm, they don’t understand the inter-weaving-grandoise understanding you’ve come to under psychosis.

i dont mean to be disrespectful,honestly u too smart for this website.well for me anyway.