Do you try to fit in?

We often want what we can’t have.

Since I became ill, fitting in, has been like an obsession for me. I try to lose weight. I try to remain active in my life, even tho I’m not the same. I hope for depression not to hit me this time. I try to handle stress, etc.

Sometimes I’m tired of trying to fit in and I give up. But I think fitting in makes me happy somehow.


For me it’s not just about fitting in, but feeling good too

As u say.

Feeling good is the priority and that happens to include fitting in somewhat. If possible.



You cannot try to feel good all the time. Sometimes you need to do an effort: to do some stuff that not necessarily feel good but you want or need to do anyways.


I live in Alaska, the land of the misfits…nobody fits in here nor seems to have the desire to fit in. It’s wonderful!


I always try that is the mantra… Doesn’t matter if I fit in or not, feel good or not… Trying gives satisfaction that is enough I feel…


I’m , to some degree, a people pleaser. However that just how I am, not something deliberately done to fit in.


Do you try to fit in?

Have you seen my posts?

I always liked the show ‘Northern Exposure’. Plus Maggie was kind of cute. Curious, since you are similar age to me, if you watched it as a kid and if it influenced you to move there.


I’m a ppl pleaser when it comes to men I’m in love with so I just try to avoid them. It’s a problem I know.

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Ironically being a ppl pleaser doesn’t actually have any positive effect on the person nor me.

Because it’s about dissociation, thinking I’m not gd enuf and turning into what I think they will like, which is not me, so it is self destructive behaviour

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I view it more of an accomplishment to be yourself than to try to fit in.

But it would be nice to find the right community of people IRL.

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I don’t try to fit in anymore.

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Maybe there are some biological forces at play when it comes to fitting in. Stuff like herd/pack mentality and all that, I dunno.

It’s a lot safer for the zebra to stick with a crew than graze alone. And furthermore, wolves are more effective when they hunt together. I wonder about the social structures cave people had back in the day— maybe they had to stay together and assimilate to better their chances of overall survival.


SZ is a very alienating experience when you’re dealing with the overall population. Not very many people experience psychosis, so that alone can make it difficult to fit in— not to mention the labor and effort it takes managing a chronic illness day to day. I think it’s normal to want to fit in, and I also think it’s normal to get fed up with it all and say screw it (but don’t!). It can be a lot to handle sometimes.

Personally, I find myself wanting a boring 9-5 just like everyone else so I can be independent like other people my own age.

Generally-speaking, I don’t feel I fit in. I think I am able to fly under the radar though.


@Melomaniac I completely agree. But if you say trying… how much trying is unhealthy?

@Jonathan2 beeing yourself and fitting in can be very rewarding both at the same time…

@Schztuna thank you for your thorough post. I also do think that 1. We are determined as social animals. 2. Beeing social is absolutely a great achievement for mentally ill people.

I’m trying to converge my situation (psychosis experience and daily struggle) with who I want to be.

Btw @Schztuna you need to give some tips and tricks on how to fly under the radar lmao!


100% relatable.

(But you already pretty cool, so it’s fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.)

I do think there’s this dichotomy of managing something chronic (which can make one feel stuck sometimes), while also attempting to move forward— something that a lot of us strive to do every day.

Maybe this applies to you, or maybe not, but I would just add:

Pushing oneself forward can be healthy, but don’t get caught up in the pressure! (Speaking from someone who tends to put a lot of pressure on herself :sweat_smile:). You got this :+1:

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Nah…my dad was in the Air Force and we got stationed in Alaska from 1981-1987. I fell in love with it then, had to wait over 20 years to return to my “homeland”. Of course, now everybody here thinks I’m a hick cuz those 20+ years in Florida gave me quite the Southern accent in my formative youth…y’all!


I try to fit in where I think I’ll fit, which isn’t too many places. More of a naturally free spirit do my own thing kind of guy, trying to break the chains of Sz

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I gave up trying to fit in long ago

These days I just want peace


I only try to fit in professionally. In terms of my personal life I’m just me. People can either take it or leave it.

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I’ve heard they get 6 months of sun and darkness is that true

Also I would imagine winter freaking sucks

Your lucky tho moose meat and caribou are easily available

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