Do you think your favorite animal says something about you?

Like behind your back?

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Well… I’ve never heard the seagulls gossip about me…but they did pose nicely for me when I took a photo of them on the beach the other day!

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I don’t think Sea Otters are talking about me. They are pretty busy and like to play too much. But the harbor seals… now those are the real gossips.

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Cats are often silent about their thoughts + like to sleep things off - on + on.


Please excuse the language in this gif but I think it’s a good choice for this thread. :smile:
Dog Talking Behind Back


My kitty does…anytime I do something she doesn’t like she’ll run to grandpa and wine to him until he babies her. She gets confused when Grandpa’s on the same side as mommy, like when Kitty gets in one of her biting moods and is trying to bite momma, and mommy yells her grandpa will scold her too. Then she just doesn’t know what to do with herself. As for cats in general I doubt they talk about me much, I don’t see to many on a day to day basis besides my little Padmè.


Stellar Sea Lions are gossipers… I used to catch them conspiring together in groups of 2 or 3 in a huddle when they saw me walk out on the pier…then they would swim in and beg to be fed the fish scraps I had…
I KNOW their talk! “There he is! lets go beg fish. lets make flipper gestures and roll our eyes and look cute. He will feed us. We will make him throw all the fish scraps to us.”

So they did, and of course I did what they wanted…

But my favorite animal is the Wolf and they don’t talk about me - they talk to me.

Sea Lions were a top favorite though in Alaska…


My cat bites my feet through the covers. I don’t let the cats sleep in my bed, they just get on it. I usually have to carry them out of the room.

My baby only bites at my hand, she knows better than to try anywhere else. She gets yelled at a lot for that too but once she’s sinks her teeth in it’s a bit late. I just try and keep her mind off my hand anyway I can. My baby sleeps with me, she’ll curl up next to me on the bed for a while. Then she’ll get up and go sleep with my parents. I couldn’t keep her out of my room if I wanted to, her one and only litter box is in here.

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I just had a dream that I rescued a kitten that was on the edge of a reservoir. I keep having these weird dreams like this. The kitten held on with one claw and then I grabbed it and held him in my arms. He was all gray and adorable. Then I took him home and there were a bunch of rescued kitties including a calico cat that a woman offered me recently to adopt. These were all the pets this woman showed me in her pictures IRL.

I felt bad for the deer at one time.

But they are complete assholes to eachother and the others in the forest.

I used to like the wolf, a beautiful creature i thought, but they to are nothing but assholes.

In fact, everything here is nothing but an ■■■■■■■, it was only until i recieved this assholishness that i became something else.

Deer were complete buttwipes this past winter and ate parts of 4 evergreen trees I planted !!
Thats when you must get a wolf! Wolves are not buttwipes…they keep the deer away…

Oh, mine said it to my face today. The cat had caught a mouse and was torturing it to death like usual. I came over and found a badly wounded mouse and quickly dispatched it with a good stomp to end its suffering. The cat gave me “the look”, turned her back to me, and gave her tail one good flick at me before tearing off. I have learned over the years that this is her equivalent of ‘the finger’.

She was visibly torqued with me for the next hour at least. No one messes with her ‘toys’.


I think my cat would freak out if a real mouse came in here. I don’t know she likes chasing things and has plenty of toy mice to keep her busy, I don’t know how sh’ed react to a real one. I hope never find out either.

She wanted to play with me, with her teeth today. I told her no biding, what does she do? She bites me, then she just stands there and stares at me like what are you going to do about it? , the little bugger.

You are playing favorites.

Wolves are total dicks like everyone else.