Do you think mental health should be on a par with physical health?

Or do you think a form of triage applies giving priority to physical conditions/ailments/emergencies over psychiatric conditions/ailments/emergencies?

If it is a medical emergency, I think physical health is slightly more important because people can die, while mental health they just have to wait a bit extra through the pain. But I think mental health should be thought of in the same light as any physical illness! That would end a lot of stigma if people understood it for what it is, a medical issue…

Yes, they should be on par with each other!

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I feel like in the past few years, it’s become more acceptable to have a sick day due to mental health, and people such as teachers and employers seem much more accepting of mental health issues than before.

But yes, I agree that the two should be on par.

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I think it should be based on how dangerous the mental health/physical health issue is, how likely it is to cause death or loss of function. I think mental health issues like schizophrenia “outrank” lots of physical ailments because schizophrenics are more likely to commit suicide and many have extreme loss of function. But if someone is about to bleed to death that comes first.


Yes they should be on par.
Mental and physical health are both very important,
and for functioning mental health is even more important.
If you have severe cognitive symptoms you will fail at any job,
and on the other hand there are loads of jobs you can do with poor physical health but good
mental health.

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Yeah doctors should be intuitive with who they should help first.

Depends on the situation