Do you think it's true?

Sometimes when I’m driving I think (In fact I’m sure of it) that if you accidentally piss somebody off that they take a lifetime of hatred and frustration out on you.The anger at every little thing that’s going wrong in their life is brought to bear on whoever gets in their way.

I just want a fighting chance to be able to do something back or at least keep my pride about having to back down. I’ve said it before on these forums, 90 % of the time I feel better being nice, than being mean. And I know that most of the time, life is not all drama. Most of the time it’s boring and listless. But it can get rather dicey out there sometimes.

Oh well, I didn’t get anything accomplished today. I planned to go my storage unit today but I’m having car trouble so I’m not going to drive my car until I can get it to my mechanic unless I absolutely have to. So I walked to the store, got something to drink sat and then went into the TV and watched “Keeping up with the Kardashians with my neighbors”.
Man, the show is always on TV when I go into the common room. This woman about my age loves that show and she always watches it.


Yes I agree with this.

I did something wrong in my car one day and narrowly avoided a collision with another woman. I put my hand up and mouthed that I was sorry. She went off her tree at me.

People make mistakes, and no accident happened. No harm no foul in my books, but not in her books.

I used to be a pretty aggressive driver. I learned that I just unplug emotionally when someone is giving me a hard time on the road. It’s been years since somebody did anything. Maybe it’s because I put two car lengths in front of me and the other cars? Everyone says I drive like an old lady, but no wrecks and no tickets for decades. so there. haha

Temper tantrums aren’t even anger - they are just loss of control in an atmosphere of futility… I wish I had the mental muscle to get angry when it’s appropriate - then I wouldn’t lose it just because someone irritates me.

I think we all bring a lot of baggage to our encounters, some more than others. The best thing is just to humor people - say, “Yow, whatever.”

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I don’t drive because in the state of Illinois flowers aren’t eligible for even a vision test. So that being said. I just throw petals out the passenger side window if they are picking on me or the driver.

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Yah, I think that’s true for some people so you need to be careful who you honk at or flip off on the road. Seems like you hear about deadly road rage incidents here in the SF Bay Area more often these days, maybe because the traffic congestion has gotten so much worse in recent years or maybe because there’s more angry people out there.

I get it that people feel in a hurry and under a lot of pressure these days.