Do you think I’ll feel it?

If I don’t take my anti psychotic today? I feel good this morning. Like I’m gonna have a productive day. I wanna go just one day without antipsychotics. I know I know…it could be dangerous. But I went 9 years without being diagnosed. I don’t think one day with no pill will send me to the hospital. I’ll probably feel weird and end up taking the pill anyway.

It makes me feel spacey after a couple of hours. Its how i know i missed a dose.

Yea I tried before and took it like three hours after I woke up

I generally cant tell if I missed a dose or not.

I NEVER miss a dose. It’s the first thing I do every morning. Today I’m just feeling so good when I woke up that I want to see if I can have an energy filled day of painting and making music

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