Do you think i am schizophrenic?

ppl here who know me ??
do you think i m scz ?
voices keep telling me i am not !!!
and those 12.5 years i had these symptoms
i was remotely tortured and this their job !!!
so they keep working on same person for ages with no problem at all :joy:
and they are real ppl
btw i am taking AP and going to psychiatrist
i tried before many time to convince you that my voices are real ppl but i failed many many times :joy::rofl:

Idk and nobody else here does we’re not professionals your just asking random people

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Ask your pdoc when you see them. You should believe what they say.


So what do your voices think you have if you are not schz but hearing voices :thinking:

Your doctor would know…voices can’t be trusted…

No one can diagnose you except for a pdoc. Certainly not internet strangers.

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