Do you think having ocd is having no mind?

do you think having ocd is having no mind
i was fighting the idea i should be in relation
why i dont hv girl to talk to in my everyday life
i was feeling very bad becoz of that
i even was sad
i feel i cant wait i should do anything now to be in relation now

and now
i feel i should buy something why ?
something expensive
becoz i work for money
why not to buy something like that
whats the meaning of my working all the days !!!
although i hv meds and doctors i will go to
and lab tests i will do

it is insanity what i m in

again my mind keep telling
so you will not buy this thing ?
so you will buy nothing !!!

you will not be happy
if you buy it , you may be happy
if you wont buy it …you will not be happy at all you will be sad

I too have struggled with ocd. For me it’s a side effect from the meds. I think computers and smartphones are like the ultimate ocd devices. The ocd minds worst enemy. Because it is endless for the mind. I have gotten sucked in more than I would like to think about. Shopping…searching for things, watching media. Every time you finish something there is like 10 recommendations about the next thing to move on to.

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this thing is amazing
it is Motorised Satellite Dish
i can watch many many satellites in any time
it will cost roughly 100$
not so expensive and not cheap in fact
not like smartphones not cheap too
i m from egypt btw

voices now threatening me
you will never buy this thing
it will become more expensive
â– â– â– â–  them

I’m sorry your voices are giving you a hard time. Best to ignore them and do what you want to do I guess. But spend your money wisely.

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Id say ocd is the opposite of no mind.

Its a mind that focuses needlessly on things that dont need it and repeatedly.

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