Do you talk to yourself?

I sometimes mouth my thoughts but it comes out in a whisper. I try to minimize that by biting my lips if I feel like I’m about to, or if I catch myself. I have done it in public (awk-waaard people were walking by).

Not as bad as when I was actively psychotic and I would shake my head no a lot or just mouth the word no.
At home I don’t do it as much, as I usually do it when I’m out walking and listening to music all lost in my own world.

Yes, because I have no friends and I’ve always felt I’ve been being watched in my most intimate moments all my life. It’s unbelievably lonely feeling. :upside_down:

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I talk to myself all the time at home and lately I’ve started doing it more in public in the busy city through a work day. I talk to myself at work all the time too.

I’ve started seeing people on the street talking to themselves so I don’t feel so bad about doing it in public.

I do talk like I’m in a reality show. Due to that feeling of being watched. And i like to call my viewers buffoons, and worse. Oddly my dad who isn’t schizophrenic kind of does the same thing. But his narration is usually happier. It’s irritating to me because he has a booming voice.

I talk to myself sometimes, but not as much as I used to.

I sing 1980s music when I’m alone. At my old place which was a motel I would start singing and I heard people laughing outside my door

yes i speak to myself when im alone but not in a psychotic manner
i mostly talk to my psychiatrist but also my friends and family in imaginary situations
at those momments i get really worked up to explain something :smiley:
i think its my social isolation to blame

but habit of talking loudly did start during my latest episode (and hopefuly final one)
i thought (as usual) that whole world is watching me but i also started to have ideas about me commanding to world liders
so i was issuing orders to them loudly lol

Many times I have no choice but to talk to myself because my head is so cluttered with bs. Just to think I have to speak. That sucks because my family always get mad when I do that, so I gotta whisper.

I can’t I have alogia.

All the time. People swear I’m crazy :joy::joy: :joy:

I rarely talk to myself.

I am constantly thinking to myself

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Apparently there are a lot of us who talk to ourselves, even a few who believe they have an audience. GTK I’m not alone.


I talk out loud to my voices. Even at work. But usually they are busy with the same task as me so I have coversations about the best way to do stuff or I make them remember numbers for me. Sometimes they mix the numbers up so I need to check everything twice. I reduce the stress by involving the voices in my work.

My husband often comes and check on me when I’m on the phone and ask who I’m talking to if I’m talking to someone. He is very nervous that I will have another episode.

when i was experiencing psychosis i would talk to myself frequently… now, not so much anymore…

Wow Cam I thought you had it together lol… Seriously you said you were looking for people to talk to, I have nothing but time. PM me.

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I do it all the friggin time, except at work. I’m very careful not to do it there. Getting back on an AP has lessened it quite a bit, though. I think of it as talking to the people in my head, not necessarily to myself, but yeah.