Do you take naps during the day

How long do they tend to be.

Yesterday I took one and today I’ll take a two hour nap

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Sometimes I take a two hour nap but I don’t do it everyday.

I never nap. Well, unless I’m sick.

Yesterday I took a 3 hour nap

I don’t nap but I’ll crash on the couch.
There is a difference :joy:


I haven’t taken a nap in years and years
I sleep well every night I have not needed a nap but I remember a nap being a nice experience

Sometimes 1 hour, other times 2 hours long naps, today not even a blink

I have just basically napped since Friday. I have achieved nothing. I feel relaxed now though, but annoyed that work is just a few hours away again. :frowning:

I usually take a couple hour nap around noon or so. :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

For a month or so I was napping all day long on my days off from work. This weekend I decided to try not to take any naps. They make me feel like I have absolutely no reason for living. They leave me feeling quite bad.

I nap almost everyday, like four hours, but to be fair I only sleep like four hours at night usually. But even if I get more sleep at night I still take a nap, i dont know why, I guess by brain is just used to it or the meds make me drowsy. It’s probably the Saphris, it really makes me sleepy and I take it morning and night.

My Haldol makes me sleep 10-12 hours a night and then I nap for an hour or two in the afternoon too.

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I don’t like to nap, it makes it harder for me to go to bed at night. mom and dad will nap during the day. dad often falls asleep in his chair. they are getting older. they both wake up early but have a hard time staying awake throughout the day.

the only way I will nap is if I have a real strenuous workout and im tired. I used to come home and nap after basketball practice when I was in high school but haven’t in years.

I love naps I take 1 or 2 nap about 1 to 2 hours each . I found it helps the days pass by quicker than not .

I often wake up early in the morning and will lay back down a few hours later but I don’t always fall asleep. I lay on my bed under the ceiling fan and am very comfortable, I just can’t doze off. So I guess the point is sometimes I want to nap but can’t.

I don’t have time for naps I am analysing video games

I often wake up way too early in the morning. Like 4 am. When I do that, I pray my prayers and eat breakfast and take my a.m. meds. When that’s done, I go back to sleep and have a morning nap for about four hours or so.

I sleep about about 30 minutes in the afternoon most days.

I nap but not every day.

I lay down but can’t sleep