Do you support long acting injectable antipsychotics or not? Why?

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Injectable antipsychotics tend to be less drowsing than their tablet form counterparts, however I was injected with Invega after my first hospitalization and no one asked if I wanted to or not. I for most part, take my meds and don’t stop them. What makes hard is to switch meds that takes monthd to wean off of a depot.

Yeah the purpose of injections is to force ppl to take meds who are.non compliant. So the question is do you feel its okay to force ppl to take medications. I think its not.


How does anyone think it is OK?, denying the most basic human rights. Long acting injection destroyed my life and almost killed me


They are convenient and give a steady dose. But be careful to not get a bad injection.

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It takes many years to wear a depot off in my experience.

They saved my life

I know that I only will be partial concordent to pills and therefor I do prefere injections with Clopixol long acting. I’ve been on that depot for all most three decades. It’s kept me safe and out of the hospital most of that time.


Thats so good im on clopixol injection

@columbus whats your dose?

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I thought about getting invega injection but she said the loading dose was 234mg and I only take 3mg in pill form I thought that was way to much.

Risperdal consta seemed to be more leveled to me than risperdal, i had less side effects.

Invega sustenna at a proper dose keeps me out of hospital so i support

Invega Sustenna made my life a nightmare for a year despite my only being on it a couple of months, all thanks to the fact that they gave it to me with a needle.

I guess some people aren’t med compliant though so this helps. It shouldn’t be done unless it’s absolutely necessary though.

A whole year of pacing the house every day made me very wary of needles in the future. The person who gave it to me didn’t bother to try with a pill first. Worst reaction to medicine I’ve ever had.

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I’m on 400 mgs Clopixol every other week.

No it doesn’t. The only thing that could last years is a post-ssri type syndrome. I haven’t seen this commonly reported with antipsychotic although admittedly it isn’t super common to come off them. I am highly skeptical of this. How can you metric your own anthropic evidence over years and delineate it from the disorder?

Yeah because I have a tendency to not take my meds on occasion, sometimes on accident and other times on purpose. I wish they had a long acting Geodon injection but they don’t. Also the between-dose withdrawals are annoying.

Called “depots” over here in the uk. Yeah - could not be without it. 8 years on the jab and doing fine.

In fact, i know damn well when its running low - so im on the blower asking for it :smiley: